Eating Habits That Contribute to a Fatty Liver.

Your diet is closely tied in with the creation of fatty liver.

That’s what researchers worldwide are reporting in their research.
















Eat healthy protein foods, in serving sizes.

Eating 4 ounces of protein (chicken, fish, beef, buffalo, wild meats, pork, poultry) twice daily is not excessive.

Don’t fear red meat; fear only the overconsumption of commercially grown red meats.

When cattle consume a diet based on corn, it alters the composition of the fats in the meat.

However, there is nothing wrong with grass-fed beef.

If you’re drinking coffee, make sure it’s organic.

Non-organic coffee is loaded with chemicals and pesticides.

Non-organic decaffeinated coffee is additionally loaded with nickel.

The more toxins you consume, the harder you make your liver work.

Stop eating sugar and sugary foods.

Sugar affects your immunity, your metabolism, and your blood sugar levels.

It also is a sure way to gain weight.

When blood sugar levels aren’t stable, the metabolic syndrome occurs.

Metabolic syndrome is tied closely with fatty liver disease.

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